Top 10 Ultimate Gift Ideas for Dads List

Being a father has a lot of responsibilities and duties.  I should know, I am one.  Here is a list of the coolest, ultimatist, things we own and have found on the internet lately that are perfect for Dads, new Dads, and old Dads. Enjoy!


1. Bidet Attachment for any Standard Toilet

This is a MUST for any guy in 2018. No more chaffing, itching, and wasting tons of toilet paper.  We can't recommend this enough.  Attaches in minutes to any existing toilet and require NO ELECTRICITY!  Plus, if you are worried about it being messy, don't be!  They self-clean and don't cause any mess!  Plus, plus, they're super affordable.  You'll spend well under $40!

Quick tip: make sure you get one with stainless steel hoses for durability.  The last thing you want is a broken hose that causes a leak!


2. Self Hair Cutting System

No, we're not joking.  With this little guy, you will never have to pay for haircuts or waste hours going to the barbershop ever again.  This can literally save you 100s of dollars.  Maybe even 1000s.  Plus, you have the control over your own styling. It's actually super easy to get a nice looking haircut and can be done in only a few minutes. It can even cut surprisingly short on the sides of your head!  And, the best part is that all the hair goes right into your vacuum and you aren't itchy afterward.


3. Door Opening Alert Ringer

Do you have trouble sleeping at night not knowing if your child has wandered outside of the house?  Or if someone else has wandered inside your house?  This can solve that problem and give you peace of mind.  Sticks and attaches wirelessly to any door within seconds.  The main receiver plugs into any outlet.  Very customizable with many different sounds and volumes.  A must for any Dad.


4. Patio or Garden Misting and Cooling System

Have you ever wanted to make use of your outdoor space but it's always too hot? Do you think cooling/misting systems are too expensive to buy and install?  Guess again. With this misting system, you can install it completely yourself from any garden hose in the area. Easily customize the length and the angle and placement of the misting heads.  This can keep a very large area cool and comfortable and doesn't use very much water at all.  


 5. Inflatable and Portable 2 Person Kayak

Talk about a great way to spend quality time with your kid or spouse!  This two-person kayak is super affordable and deflates for easy transport and storage!  Normal kayaks have to be attached to the roof of a car or in the bed of a truck.  They also take up a lot of space in your garage.  This kayak comes with its own pump so inflating it only takes minutes.  Great for lakes and ponds!


6. Impact Driver and Drill Set

If you're a Dad and are only using a drill, you should be ashamed of yourself.  You need an impact driver!  With this kit, you get both and for a great price.  An impact driver provides a lot more power/torque than a drill for driving in long screws and tightening down bolts.  If you haven't used an impact driver, you are missing out.  It makes driving screws/bolts way easier and you'll strip out fewer heads.  The screws seem to just fly right into your workpiece.  You still also need a powerful drill for drilling holes and for more delicate fasteners.  This kit gives you two great power tools with strong Lithium-ion 20v batteries.


7. Humidity Measuring Hygrometer

Every dad wants to save money on energy costs for their home.  This device helps control the temperature in the house by allowing Dads to monitor the humidity levels inside and outside of the house as well as the temperature.  These are great in the winter especially since they let you know when the humidity level is too low.  Low humidity can increase the transmission of colds and can also make your home seem colder than it really is.  Having this hygrometer will save you a lot of guessing and a lot of money.  Keeping good humidity levels helps a home become more comfortable in every season.


8. Dethatching Blade for Walk-Behind Lawnmowers

What dad doesn't like a nice looking lawn?  Trick question.  All dads do. With this blade, you can attach it to any walk behind lawn mower.  The teeth on the blade pull up all the thick lawn thatch that has accumulated in your lawn.  Thatch can prevent new seed from growing and choke your existing lawn.  Renting a dethatching machine is inconvenient and expensive.  With this blade, you can have the same results anytime without having to haul a huge dethatching machine around!  Plus, dethatching is a great way to improve your lawn without using chemicals that can harm the environment!


9. Reusable Furnace Filters

Normal furnace filters are a waste of money!  They have to be replaced every few months and can be expensive!  With these reusable filters, you simply rinse out the dust and dirt, let it dry, and re-insert!  Viola!  Time and money saved!  Plus, you're not adding more trash to the landfills! Win-win!


10. Brush Cutter Blade for a Weed Eater

GAME. CHANGED. This blade attaches to any gas weed eater in minutes!  With this blade, you can cut thick brush and bushes, prune, cut branches.  All kinds of carnage!  No Dad wants to go slow and delicately remove brush with loppers!  Using one of these gets the job done super fast!

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