Create a non-stick cat litter box

A huge problem in dealing with cats is cleaning the litter box.  We all dislike doing it.  One thing that makes is so difficult and messy is the fact that litter clumps and sticks to the litter box.  You can try using nonstick cooking spray or cooking oil but it doesn't last but a few days.  Our solution: PASTE WAX.  Paste wax is the perfect solution because it dries hard.  Once dry, the litter won't stick to it and it takes a much longer time to rub off.  So, cleaning the litter box becomes much easier and the clumps of litter stay together and don't break up into millions of tiny pieces when scraping the clumps off of the litter box.  Give it a try and let us know if it works for you!  Hope this helps!

Update: The paste wax solution was a hit for a few days but after a while, the same results happened.  The litter still stuck!  After further investigation, we ended up taking one of our cats to the vet.  We found out he was diabetic!  That is why he was peeing in such large amounts and causing the litter to stick.  Long story short, we got him on insulin shots twice a day and he's doing great now.  AND, the litter isn't sticking anymore because there are not HUGE puddles of pee in the litter box anymore.  Poor little guy.  We also think that adding a lot more litter to the boxes is helping.  It prevents the cats from digging all the way to the bottom.  Thanks for reading!

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